Ugly House: UPDATE

So…. I’m buying the Ugly House. It’s been a few weeks of inspections, appraisals, lawyers, contracts, financing, begging etc. No one told me buying a house would be so annoying. I now feel like I’m finally at a point where this one won’t fall apart, so I feel safe to say that I’m getting this house and that I can start picking out paint colors and it’s not premature. If all goes well, I should be closing in about 2 weeks.

I’m starting to plan out how to turn the inside of this ugly house into something livable in the short-term and something amazing in the long term all while using the smallest budget possible.

In all actuality, the house isn’t THAT ugly inside. All of the owner’s possessions are what really makes the interior a hideous blur. The other big issue is the horrible carpet throughout the house. Step #1 GET RID OF THE HIDEOUS FUCKING CARPETS

IMG_2612Seriously, those carpets will be gone and in piles in the garage before I spend my first night in the house. I swear to the tiny baby Jesus. According to the homeowner, there’s parquet floors under the living room and plywood sub-floors under the rest of the house. I think this is LIES. When I did the inspection, down in the basement, you can see that there’s wide plank, probably pine, subfloors under the original part of the house. The kitchen and master bedroom are both converted porches, so God only knows what’s under there. The kitchen will be tiled at some point, and if I have to have carpet in the master bedroom, I can live with that, as long as it’s not this awful stuff.

I’m hoping that I can luck out and end up with floors that look something like these, or maybe even better.

Blue tumblr_mm4acaHae21rff1ieo1_1280

Once that carpet is gone, the living room, bedrooms, hallway, and nook behind the fireplace are all basically blank slates. A little paint and some non-oldlady furniture and it’ll be good to go. There’s no architectural interest to these rooms, so hopefully a nice, old wood floor will do it. Otherwise I might need to add some molding, or wainscoting or something. The kitchen and bathrooms will need to be tackled pretty quickly too, but I think some paint and a few new touches will be a big improvement on those areas too. More on those later.


2 thoughts on “Ugly House: UPDATE

  1. Congratulations Dan! one big step for you and one giant leap for …oh no wait… That was the moon landing I think. However, I can say with certainty that you will make this house a home with your own signature style and distinction. But… What fer fk sake is wrong with old lady furniture. Huh? Huh?

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