Blogspiration part deux

Since my first blogspiration post, I’ve found a few new blogs that have quickly become my go-tos for all things house related. The more blogs I read, the more I’ve gravitated towards ones that are really all about home renovation. These three are some of my faves and have become great references. I’m basically going to steal all their ideas.

Manhattan Nest: Written by a young gentleman (like myself) who lives in Brooklyn (like myself) and just bought a fixer-upper in Kingston (like myself). Unlike myself, he does this general sort of thing for a living, and he has a much larger house and much more of a project. I never had the nerve or patience to take on a project like this, but I’ll eagerly read all about his experiences, and steal all his brilliant ideas.


Ugly Duckling House: I can totally relate to the name of the blog. This one is written by a young lady, who is upgrading and improving her first house. What I love about this blog is how blunt and honestly it’s written. Sometimes shit doesn’t work out perfectly, sometimes she fucks things up. She’s not a perfectionist, and that’s awesome. Here’s a picture of her sexy wood counter tops.ImageImage

Door Sixteen: Found this via Manhattan Nest. They’re buddy bloggers with similar stories and taste, so naturally, I would love this blog too. She’s got lots of great links to products and inspiration pieces too. I definitely need to step up my typography and photography game! I love her black tiled floor bathroom.



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