So, I’ve realized I’m really shitty at blogging consistently. I’ve been meaning to make this post for about 2 months now and haven’t taken the 5 min it takes to actually sit down and write this. 

Here’s a little story:

Once upon a time, just over a year ago, in a crowded restaurant in Koreatown a group of friends was getting slightly drunk out of a watermelon and filling up on pork-stuffed-squid. While going around and everyone updating the group on what’s new in their lives, I showed the group a picture of a house (the first one from this post) I had gone to see the previous weekend. It was my 2nd trip into my house hunting and I was considering making my first offer on a house. As I showed everyone the pictures of the house, the property, the creek in the back yard, I was telling everyone how cheap real estate was upstate, and how for basically the cost of a parking space in the city, you can own your own mini-farm just 2 hours from the city. Apparently this, unknowingly got some gears turning. 

Jumping forward a year, everyone that was at that delicious korean dinner that night, now owns a house in Kingston.


Derek & Lou were the first ones to actually buy and close on a house, and they got this handsome bastard (matching truck not included). It’s a gorgeous, restored historic house, in a great little neighborhood. They were the ones who first landed in Kingston, while I was still searching for a huge plot of land in Sullivan county. Plus, they were the ones who found our amazing real estate agent Darlene, who was like a god-send, and has sold every one of us a house… on our first time out with her… like some kind of Lifetime Movie Network miracle worker. 

ImageSara and Mark had been looking at Kingston for a while, and between Derek and Lou buying a place in Kingston, Sara and Mark looking there and me losing out on 4 places in Sullivan County, I figured it was worth checking out the area. I ended up finding my place before Sara and Mark officially went out looking. They ended up with this photogenic place with a big corner lot in a neighborhood. The place has a few projects and a little remodeling to be done, which is exactly what they were looking for. 


Then there’s my house (keep in mind this is a “before” pic) which is surrounded by woods with a creek in the backyard. It’s the smallest house of the 3 and was definitely a project. I didn’t get my huge piece of land, but found the perfect compromise where I have no neighbors and nothing but woods around me, even if I don’t technically own those woods. In the end, everyone got just what they were individually looking for.

So between the three house holds, we’ve founded #klubkingston which has turned into many boozy dinners and cocktail parties, antiques hunts and tool swapping. It’s crazy what a difference a year can make. And we’re hoping to continue to expand #klubkingston in the future.




5 thoughts on “#klubkingston

  1. I must say this ….you and all of your friends have been the highlight of my past year …what a great opportunity to make such nice new friends! Love all of you ❤

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