A Bear at the Window


Remember that black bear who went viral last week for chillaxin’ in a hammock? Well we had our own bear visitor recently…he just chose to make an appearance in our bedroom window over reclining in our backyard.

But first a bit of back-story.

We’ve had a few mysterious situations happen around The Hill House. Shattered bird feeders, strange foot prints, motion detectors lights randomly going off and our garbage cans knocked over. We didn’t think too much of it and just chalked it up to a big fat raccoon. Then our neighbor stopped over after the last garbage can incident and blew the raccoon theory to pieces.20140512-192916.jpg

She asked if I had seen “our visitor” and I said no. Then she said “Oh we have bears all the time.” My reaction was something akin to “Wait…what?” She let me know that the bear who was in our trash was about 300 lbs and that she had seen him on our property before. She even had pictures!

Well, we decided to start taking our garbage back to the city and figured that would do the trick. Plus we kinda liked the idea that we had a bear running around the ‘hood.

Cut to one week later when I am in bed, alone in the house one late evening. Suddenly I hear a crash outside and know exactly what it is. So I grab a flashlight, throw the window open and get an eye full of what looks like a wall of black fur. Our 300 lb friend is standing over the toppled over garbage can, literally with egg on his face since I had tossed a small bag of eggshells into the can. He sniffed at me then bolted around the corner of the house. Needless to say I was sorta freaked out and didn’t sleep a wink that night.

The next morning I got to officially bear-proofing the property. Here is a list I came across of tips to keep Smoky in the woods where he belongs.

  • Take garbage out the morning of trash pick up
  • Don’t put up bird feeders – especially hummingbird feeders
  • Clean outdoor grills thoroughly and keep them tightly covered
  • Close windows while cooking indoors
  • Invest in an air horn to keep handy as a scare tactic


To date there haven’t been any more disturbances. Part of me is till hoping for a daytime sighting, however, so I can post the perfect Instagram pic!


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