Apartment Life

Since getting the Hill House a little more than a year ago, I feel like I’m basically never at my apartment. For the most part, that’s fine. When Friday comes around, the only thing I want to do is get upstate, and on Sunday, I just want to come back as late as possible. But, between being gone all weekend, and a crazy schedule during the week my apartment became a place to sleep and shower and a dumping ground for my stuff. I was never there to clean up, re-organize, even put my laundry away, so it quickly turned into a slum and I hated being there even more.

I made a little list of some things around the apartment that I wanted to do to make it a place I wanted to be again. Nothing major, but a few little DIY’s to make me want to live there again.I decided to start with my bedroom, since it’s where I spend the most time.

All the light fixtures in my apartment are from 1990 and were the cheapest/lowest grade available at the time, so I want to start swapping all of those out for something a bit nicer. I have 9′ ceilings, so I went with a hanging pendant. I found this one at Lowes on sale. I think I’ll need to get a medallion for the ceiling or something to avoid repainting the whole thing, but still an improvement!IMG_5613


There’s a little alcove area in my room that makes any kind of furniture placement difficult. It’s ended up as a holding place for lots of bulky and unattractive things. I thought this would be a good place to do some built in shelves and make the alcove seem more purposeful. The problem is that it’s only 8″ deep, so rather than rip down all the boards, I went with a standard 9″ width. They stick out a bit but I don’t mind how the shelves look and they can always be changed later.  IMG_5439I put a 12″ wide shelf above my TV so I would have at least one that was wide enough to hold some bigger bins and boxes. I thought that putting shelves so high up might make the room feel smaller, but it does the opposite, it makes you realize how high the ceilings actually are. IMG_5515I picked up the baskets from Target and from Lowes. They don’t all “go” together but it works and I have more than enough storage for the crap that was in the corner before. IMG_5617

This shelf/hooks thing I found at Home Goods for $25, it’s perfect for holding my clothes that I’m too lazy to properly put away and will look chicer than covering my bike in laundry, which is how it’s been for the past year.


 Definitely making some progress. With all the new storage space it should be easy to stay organized and keep at least my bedroom from feeling like I’m a real life version of Marjory the trash heap from Fraggle RockIMG_5668


Blogspiration part deux

Since my first blogspiration post, I’ve found a few new blogs that have quickly become my go-tos for all things house related. The more blogs I read, the more I’ve gravitated towards ones that are really all about home renovation. These three are some of my faves and have become great references. I’m basically going to steal all their ideas.

Manhattan Nest: Written by a young gentleman (like myself) who lives in Brooklyn (like myself) and just bought a fixer-upper in Kingston (like myself). Unlike myself, he does this general sort of thing for a living, and he has a much larger house and much more of a project. I never had the nerve or patience to take on a project like this, but I’ll eagerly read all about his experiences, and steal all his brilliant ideas.


Ugly Duckling House: I can totally relate to the name of the blog. This one is written by a young lady, who is upgrading and improving her first house. What I love about this blog is how blunt and honestly it’s written. Sometimes shit doesn’t work out perfectly, sometimes she fucks things up. She’s not a perfectionist, and that’s awesome. Here’s a picture of her sexy wood counter tops.ImageImage

Door Sixteen: Found this via Manhattan Nest. They’re buddy bloggers with similar stories and taste, so naturally, I would love this blog too. She’s got lots of great links to products and inspiration pieces too. I definitely need to step up my typography and photography game! I love her black tiled floor bathroom.



I read a ton of blogs. I’ve read the whole internet. I was devastated when Google Reader shut down (sorry, Feedly doesn’t cut it). There are a few blogs that stand out to me as total inspiration for starting this blog and for what I want it to become. They’re beautifully presented, well written, and have extremely creative content, hopefully this blog will develop into something of a similar caliber to these folks. Until then, it’s a work-in-progress as I commit more time to it and work on my wordpress skillz! This blog has a long way to go aesthetically before I’m happy with the layout.

Here are a few of my fave blogs, in no particular order.

Hommemaker: I want to rub this blog all over my face. It’s probably the best written, and funniest yet informative blog I read. I’ve even printed out a post and shared it with my therapist (true story). It also makes me think that I could possibly live in LA instead of NYC. I’d totally let this guy be my 1950’s housewife and live in a beautiful home that he decorated, but that I couldn’t afford to finance and would leave my clothes and shoes all over.


Smitten Studio: I read this blog 99% for the amazing do-it-yourself cabin renovation that this very stylish, pretty lady and her husband are doing. I’m planning on stealing every idea from their blog for when I eventually have a cabin of my own to renovate. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Her style section is well done too, if you’re into that, which I’m not really because 1.) I work in fashion and get enough of that at work and 2.) I’m not a lady…. If #1 and #2 don’t apply to you, you’d be stupid not to like 100% of this blog.


The William Brown Project: What’s not to like? The photography is great (the author is Matthew Hranek) it’s upstate NY, exactly where I’ve been house hunting. There’s MEAT and cooking and food. There are guns, vintage stuff, a cabin, a mid-century design house. It’s everything I wish my life was.

ImageImageChris Loves Julia: I discovered this blog, like, uh….12 hours ago and I’ve read the whole thing. It’s proof that at least someone has good taste that doesn’t live in NYC or LA (who knew!?). They’ve transformed, an otherwise characterless, basic, neighborhood home into something chic. No easy task, and it’s been done on a budget! They also write about cooking, and buying/selling houses, obviously up my alley.


There are a bazillion other really great blogs out there, and maybe I’ll post about more of them. If you don’t know about these 4, look at them right now, obsessively read them start to finish until your eyes bleed from their glowing beauty, just like I’ve done.